Chat with a Certified Lactation Expert

What to Ask DayOne's Lactation Experts

While breastfeeding your baby may seem like a simple process, there are many common challenges with breastfeeding and lactation that mothers can experience. Our lactation consultants and counselors are experts in their field and they can help you through a wide variety of common lactation issues or concerns including:

  • Low Milk Supply
  • Sore Nipples
  • Engorgement
  • Pumping Techniques
  • Twins
  • Preemies
  • Oversupply
  • Pumping Schedules
  • History of Breast Surgery
  • Slow Weight Gain
  • Tongue Tie
  • Fussy Baby
  • Returning to Work
  • Sleepy Baby
  • Preparing to Breastfeed
  • And More

Meet Our Team of Lactation Specialists

Shannon D. IBCLC

Shannon has four children of her own and experienced breastfeeding difficulties with each of them. She would never describe breastfeeding “like riding a bike” because the challenges with each child are varied. Shannon specializes in tongue-tie and lip-tie latching, positioning and latch techniques. As a Lactation Consultant, she feels that prenatal education and planning are crucial for new a moms success when breastfeeding.

Allison Nunez, CLC

Allison is a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist with over 90-hours of Lactation Specific education and 400+ clinical hours. As a mother of two breastfed babies, she is a strong believer in pre and postnatal support. It was the support she received from lactation specialists that allowed her to nurse both children, each for over a year!

Allison believes that helping mamas and families reach their goals with knowledge and confidence is key. Her goal is to help you reach YOUR goal - whether that is to breastfeed, chestfeed, bottle feed or pump. She can also help guide you through over-supply issues, under-supply issues, pumping, back to work and more!