About DayOne Baby

Supporting new families at home and in the workplace.

At DayOne Baby, our goal is to help parents connect with a nurturing community. After giving birth, you may find yourselves in “no man’s land” with little support and not enough useful knowledge. There needs to be a bridge between the hospital and going home alone with a newborn. Where’s the help?

DayOne Baby provides the support, information, and connection to other parents that can help you with your baby during their developmental years. Our families keep coming back to our centers because we offer education in a format that encourages participation in a relaxed environment - where babies can make noise, and moms have a comfortable place to feed, dads can hang out and where no one judges anyone.

"I firmly believe that the first years in a child’s life are crucially important, and that the experience the parents are having during pregnancy is conveyed to the developing baby via emotion, thought, and physical energies.

I was drawn to the idea of DayOne Baby because it has such potential for innovation and it can make a huge contribution to the health of young families and the new generation of children now being born. We want babies and toddlers to feel safe and be able to develop healthy brains, and the propensity for healthy bodies, resilient emotions, clear thinking, and warm hearts. No one should have to bring a child into the world without support from a loving community of friends and experts.

Both my daughters, Cathrine and Marianne share the passion for DayOne Baby, and we are proud to be involved and to support this adventure."

- Engebret O. Fekene

  Co-Founder & Father


3548 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, California 94118

(415) 813-1931

M-S 10:00am - 5:00pm
Sun 12:00pm - 4:00pm