DayOne Baby has become a key resource for some of the most famous and prestigious hospitals and medical institutions in the world, who have outsourced their consumer outpatient breast pump rental needs to us.

DayOne Baby offers Hospitals a completely outsourced outpatient breast pump rental program so that Hospitals can focus on what they do best, and can offer this vital service to patients by allowing us to deal with supply chain and inventory issues, logistics of serialized of capital equipment, billing, collecting, retrieval, cleaning, servicing, calibrating and all of the myriad additional details that running such a program entails. We provide a “set it and forget it” turnkey solution.

DayOne provides 100% of the service in a fully turnkey way with highly qualified and certified personnel. Whether you have a program that you find hard to manage and would like to hand it off to a turnkey solution or have wanted to provide a program and have naturally found it very complex to get started, DayOne can be your turnkey provider. We would love the chance to have a chat with you over the coming days.

Are you a hospital or medical institution interested in exploring a fully outsourced breast pump rental program?

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