Mommy & Me for the Second Time Mom

At DayOne Baby we are always looking for new ways to support parents. We are delighted to introduce our new 4-week series, “Mommy & Me for the Second Time Mom” facilitated by Leyla Momeny. To share more about the class we interviewed Leyla.

  Q. Please tell us a little bit about yourself.   I am a Special Educator teacher, RIE Intern studying the work of infant and toddler specialist Magda Gerber, a parent of two, live in San Francisco with my family, passionate about respectful parenting   Q. What is the purpose of M&M for second time moms?   The purpose of this new class is to provide support for second time parents who are navigating the unique stresses (and blessings) of parenting multiple children   Q. What can we expect from the class?   Moms can expect discussions of different parenting approaches, exploration and understanding of authentic infant and toddler play, strategies for maintaining a connection with eldest child, ways to validate and actively listen to children's emotions and more helpful topics for parents.   Q. What advice do you have for second time moms?
  1. to remember this mantra: S/he's not giving me a hard time, s/he's having a hard time.
  2. be kind to yourself
  3. don't feel badly about asserting boundaries with your children. in doing so you are teaching them, by example, to embrace and assert their OWN boundaries.

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