$15.00 / session

BABI Meet the Doulas

Join the Bay Area Birth Information (BABI)'s Meet the Doulas Night!

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  • Receive an overview of what doulas do
  • Learn the benefits of doula services
  • Understand how dads/partners and doulas work together
  • Discover how to find the right doula for you

Doulas working in the Greater South Bay Area and Peninsula will be on hand to answer your questions, offer personalized referrals, and represent some of the wonderful variety of personalities, ages, backgrounds, and skills you can find in a birth or postpartum doula. Time is also provided for parents to meet individual doulas in brief "get acquainted" interviews.

What are doulas?

Doulas are trained support people, for emotional and physical support during labor and/or postpartum care. Research shows that women who have continuous one-on-one care during labor use less pain medication, have lower rates of c-section, and report higher rates of satisfaction with their birth experiences. Research also shows that having a postpartum doula decreases the risk of developing postpartum depression as well as increasing confidence in caregiving abilities. Doulas work closely with your family to provide the best support possible, so it is important to find the right one for your family. Join us for this evening to help you find the support you're looking for.