Copy of Hospital-Grade Breast Pump Rentals

More Than Just A Pump

Hospital-grade pumps are much stronger and more efficient than consumer-grade pumps or pumps that may be provided by insurance companies. Hospital-grade pumps can increase and sustain milk supply better than other pumps on the market. In the workplace, they promote and improve retention, employee satisfaction, health, wellness and productivity.


DayOne Baby's Pump Rentals Include:

DayOne Baby Breast Pump Rentals


Hospital-grade pumps are much stronger, more durable, and more efficient than a personal pump or the pump you might receive from your insurance. Hospital-grade pumps are built to help women establish their milk supply right from the beginning. They can help increase milk supply, and sustain it better than other pumps on the market.

For a rewarding breastfeeding experience and comfortable pumping routine, we recommend renting a hospital-grade breast pump. Choose between The Medela Symphony and Ameda Platinum, two of the most effective and quiet breast pumps available.

Ameda: Can adjust suction strength and speed separately allowing mother to customize settings to her own needs/comfort. Ameda also has timer.

Medela: The speed is adjustable, but the suction strength is fixed. Some find it more intuitive to use. Both are hospital-grade, and both work wonderfully.

Yes! We currently sell the Ameda Platinum Dual HygieniKit to our current corporate customers.