Meet our new CEO, Esther Kestenbaum.

We are delighted to introduce our new CEO, Esther Kestenbaum.

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce our new CEO, Esther Kestenbaum. Esther comes to DayOne Baby with a wealth of knowledge and experience in running a company, as she previously served as the CEO and Co-Founder at TheShops.TV, a multi-category drop-ship e-commerce platform for shoppable videos. Prior to that, she was Vice President of Business Development at Cloudleaf, Vice President of Business Development at Spotzot, and Senior Vice President of Retailigence Corporation. She has a Bachelors of Arts Degree from Barnard College, Columbia University with a Major in English and a Minor in Computer Science. In addition, Esther was a Lactation Consultant and worked with mothers around the world to help them reach their breastfeeding goals.   Esther's practical experience, as well as dedication to the DayOne Baby mission, makes her a superb fit for the role. Esther's focus as CEO is on growing DayOne Baby's corporate lactation program partnerships, as well as overseeing all operations of our Store and webstore.   As a mother to four children and a grandmother to five grandchildren, Esther knows the importance of support and community. We asked Esther a few questions so that our community could get to know her better.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’ve been a Retail and B2B CEO, founder, and executive within high growth business environments for all of my career. I’ve founded and led startup companies in the digital space and enjoy the thrill of entrepreneurship;  I am also a mom with grown children. Early in my mothering and work careers, I was actually a lactation consultant at a maternity hospital - it was many years ago but the memory of that experience nourishes my passion for what we do at DayOne Baby.

What about DayOne Baby inspires you?

Knowing that whether our consumer-facing presence or through our Corporate Services to companies providing hospital-grade lactation pumps and prenatal and postnatal support to parents returning to the workforce after maternity or paternity leave, we make a profound difference in the lives of babies, parents, and families.

Every day on my way home I think about the fact that parents are happier, more confident and more comfortable in their roles because of our presence in their lives, and that babies and extended families benefit directly.


What was it that made you want to join DayOne Baby?

It was a combination of the important and timely mission the company has, together with the quality of the team that I have the privilege to work with every day. That “trifecta” of timeliness, purpose and team quality give me complete confidence that we can take this impactful offering to families everywhere.



What do you hope to bring to the DayOne Baby community?

My background brings together retail and e-commerce, strong business to business experience, as well as content and video production experience and capability - that’s the practical aspect of my skill set - that said,

I have a deep and enduring passion for the core mission of the company and believe that will fuel everything I have the privilege of contributing here.

What do you see in DayOne Baby’s future?

I see us being a major part of the evolution of early parenting and of women (and parents overall) in the workplace. Forward-thinking companies are providing amenities for men and women returning to work after the birth of a child that allow them to have a happier more productive life both at work and at home at this very important time of life, and legislation in coming into play to ensure this is something made available to all - it’s an exciting time to be with DayOne Baby and we are thrilled to be addressing this timely opportunity.


Please feel free to say hello to Esther around the Store or email her at

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